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So proud to have my writing in a magazine I've read for years. On The Water Magazine's Angler's Almanac for 2019 is out and will be on shelves until the end of March. Consider picking one up!

Angler's Almanac Cover
A Fly-Fisher's Panfish Defense

To celebrate and honor these fish, I took advantage of a warm Saturday (1/5) and threw a soft hackle at a local pond. It felt great to cast and a few little jewels came to hand.

Remember, ice fishermen connect through the ice. So if we get a warm day and there's open water, you can panfish with a fly rod all winter long.

Those fin rays remind me of the summer sun.

Date: 1/27/18

Time: 3:30 - 4:30 pm (Time Stamp on Picture Is Wrong)

Location: Local Pond

Weather: Patchy Clouds and Warm, Air Temperature 58, Water Temperature 46, Stiff SW Wind, Moon 70% Visible, Pressure 30.33 and Steady


You don't get better at fly fishing by not fly fishing.

The winter months in NJ aren't consistently cold anymore. To me, winter has become a time when we have stretches of freezing cold days. But between cold snaps, temperatures can run in the 40s. And within the 40 degree periods, we'll experience a day or two of freakish warmth, with highs pushing 60. Weeks ago this pond was frozen, but today it felt like spring. I knew I had a shot at something. I would've loved to trout fish, but I didn't have the time.

I managed one tiny largemouth bass. He ate a beadhead mini bugger. I fished my 9 foot 6 inch 5 weight rod with a floating line and a 9 foot 4X leader. It was tough to have the discipline to do it, but I crawled my fly close to the bottom. This pond is not deep, so I was confident that I was getting pretty close. That was confirmed by the occasional hang up and hooked leaf.

I'm glad I had one grab.