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So proud to have another piece appear in the July 2019 New Jersey issue of On The Water magazine.

The fish gods must've picked up a copy because kingfish have shown in good numbers for surf anglers this summer.

I hope my story put readers in "grin and nod mode" and helped them connect to a few more fish.

Date: 7/2/19  

Time: 4:45 - 8:45 am

Location: New Jersey Beachfront

Tide and Weather: Dead High 7:34 am, Sunny Skies, Air Temperature 70-75, Water Temperature 72, Water Very Clear, Light WSW Wind and Flat Surf, New Moon 1%, Pressure 29.88 and Falling

Catch: This was a really fun morning. The beach was full of life. Schools of rainfish were in the water and both calico and mole crab molts littered the wrack line. July 2nd marked a New Moon.

Calico Crab Molt

It felt like gamefish were on the prowl. And fish hunting crabs along the beach lip were willing to take a popper.

I love trout fishing in running water. I've read that trout holding in shallow water are more likely to rise to a dry fly than fish holding in deep water. Here's why. In shallow water, all a fish has to do is tip its fins slightly to rise to the surface and eat. But any fish in a deep pool may have to move 4 or 5 feet to reach the surface. That's a bigger ask.

I think you can apply the same logic to striped bass in the surf. Any bass feeding along the beach lip or in the nearshore trough is still in relatively shallow water. Even if that fish is looking for crabs in the sand, it doesn't take much to dart up and eat a surface plug.

During this session, I caught a striped bass and a bluefish on a popper. I also had a ton of other swipes that got my heart going.

First Fish Of The Morning
This Fish Hit The Plug Less Than 3 Feet From The Dry Sand
Little Blue

Then I switched over to a slim metal and hooked a fluke. This pushed me to fish a fluke rig with Gulp! and I caught several more.

Finally, while fluking, a kingfish grabbed my jig. I switched up again and attached a kingfish rig to the end of my line. I threaded small pieces of Gulp! Sandworm on each hook. Using this rig I wrapped up the morning with three or four kingfish.