On The Water’s Angler’s Almanac: A Fly-Fisher’s Panfish Defense

So proud to have my writing in a magazine I've read for years. On The Water Magazine's Angler's Almanac for 2019 is out and will be on shelves until the end of March. Consider picking one up!

Angler's Almanac Cover
A Fly-Fisher's Panfish Defense

To celebrate and honor these fish, I took advantage of a warm Saturday (1/5) and threw a soft hackle at a local pond. It felt great to cast and a few little jewels came to hand.

Remember, ice fishermen connect through the ice. So if we get a warm day and there's open water, you can panfish with a fly rod all winter long.

Those fin rays remind me of the summer sun.

2 thoughts on “On The Water’s Angler’s Almanac: A Fly-Fisher’s Panfish Defense

  1. Joe Doyle

    Great article that I am sorry that I read. Sorry because I forgot how much I have missed fishing for bluegills since I have lived at the beach for the last seventeen years. Sorry because after reading your article I have ordered a new fly rod blank to build a 4wt so that I can fish for them again. I did not need another passion in my life, but after your article I seem to have another. Lol.

    1. Joe Mairo

      Post author

      Yes! Thank you so much Joe! A lot of passions is a good thing!
      I'm so happy you enjoyed the article. Your kind words made my day. And I'm jealous of your plan to build a 4 weight. I've never built a rod myself.
      I also live on the beach here in New Jersey and love it. I surfcast with spinning gear a lot and totally understand how easy it is to get away from a certain fish or style of fishing. But it sounds like you'll be back at it in no time. Again, thank you!
      Please visit foamlines.com again!
      Also, I want to recommend this blog too. https://www.panfishonthefly.com/
      I have a feeling you'll like it.


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