New Jersey: Assunpink Lake 7/31/18 6 – 9 am

Date: 7/31/18

Time: 6 - 9 am

Morning glass.

Location: Assunpink Lake

Weather: Scattered Clouds, Morning Air Temperature 70 - 75, Water Temperature In The Shallows Felt Like 80+, No Wind Early, Picked Up Around 8:15 Out of the East 5 - 10 mph, Moon: Waning Gibbous Approximately 80% Visible, Pressure 30.14

Damselfly nymph on the deck of my SUP.

Catch and Thoughts: Fly fishing local ponds and lakes is an absolute blast. Today I fished from my stand up paddle board (SUP). The conditions were ideal. No wind. Instead of getting blown around, I easily stayed in one place. I could also stand and fish, instead of casting from my knees.

When I put in at the boat ramp, I paddled north, straight across the lake. Once I reached the opposite shoreline I turned right. I figured I'd take advantage of my SUP and slowly paddle the shallows, casting poppers and small streamers close to shoreline structure. I was in water most boats couldn't access.

I ended up with two bass. One ate a large popper. The other I hooked on a small streamer that I tied off the hook bend of a different popper. This second set up is just like the dry dropper rigs used when trout fishing moving water. Similar set ups can be used in still water, whether you're chasing trout or bass and panfish. When bass fishing, popper dropper rigs have a lot going for them. First, they allow you to suspend your dropper fly over weeds in shallow water. Also, the bass popper works double duty. It can fool fish on its own while also acting as a bobber/indicator that lets you know when a fish eats your dropper fly.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey: Assunpink Lake 7/31/18 6 – 9 am

  1. Owen Mairo

    I have never fished a fly off the shank of a popper but it totally makes sense! I'll have to try it out for sure. I loved this post.

    1. Joe Mairo

      Post author

      Thanks so much Owen! I really appreciate the kind words and support. I'm working on getting a short post up about using heavier thread when tying bigger flies. I came up empty on my last two surf fishing trips. Plus, out of nowhere, my digital camera died. And today, I went for a surf and got throttled by a few big waves and my watch came off! It was a bad week for gear.


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