Monthly Archives: June 2018


Date: 6/20/18

Time: 5:30 - 7:45 am

Location: New Jersey Beachfront

Tide and Weather: Dead Low 7:44 am, Sunrise 5:27 am, Air Temperature When Fishing 68 - 70, Water Temperature 65 - 69, Totally Comfortable Wet Wading, Clear Water, Light North Wind, Knee High Surf, Moon 43% First Quarter  

Catch: I ended up with one striped bass on a Stillwater Smack-It Popper and 2 fluke. The fluke were caught fishing the bottom with Gulp! baits. The bass hit and cartwheeled on the popper, hooking himself in the lip and back. It was ugly. I used my pliers and quickly popped the back treble free. Once those hooks were swinging, the front treble was easy.

The tide was falling during my whole session. On mornings like this, when the water is low and the surf small, I love to crawl out to rocks that are usually covered up. After getting my boots firmly stuck, I'll throw parallel to the beach, focusing on the ocean-side edge of the sandbar. There can be a pretty drastic depth change there, especially approaching dead low. This fish was in that zone.

Date: 6/10/18

Time: 5:45 - 7:45 pm

Location: New Jersey Beachfront

Tide and Weather: Dead High 5:13 pm 5.12 feet, Grey Sky and Drizzling, Onshore Wind, Air Temp 60, Water Temp 55+ and Slightly Dirty, Sunset 8:25 pm, Moon 20%

Catch: The conditions were super fishy. There wasn't much swell or current, so I started with a Gulp! sandworm on a Carolina rig. I've caught both striped bass and fluke on it in the past. On this trip, I watched a fluke hang onto it, but he missed the hook.

I ended up fishing mole crabs on that same rig and had a lot of action. I landed a 20" fluke and 3 striped bass. The biggest bass was 26" and pulled hard. I hooked another striper, but lost it.

All the fish were in the small, shoreline out-sucks. These small rips flowed down the beach lip and into the trough that runs parallel to the beach between the dry sand and the first sandbar. At points I was underhand flipping my bait 10 - 15 feet out and focusing on that zone.

Date: 5/31/18

Time: 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Location: New Jersey Beachfront

Tide and Weather: Dead High 9:29 pm, Very Foggy, Air Temperature 65, Water Temperature 60 (Kids Were Swimming Just In Trunks), Light Wind, Moon 98% Visible

Catch: I beat the skunk with a bluefish. It ate a sinking sandeel SP Minnow that I threw ENE off a jetty tip. When I landed him, he was connected to the plug's back hook. I replace the back treble on my SPs with a dressed 2/0 siwash.

I found a partially decomposed carp on the beach. We recently got a lot of rain and I bet it washed out of a coastal freshwater river or lake.