Monthly Archives: May 2018

Date: 5/26/18

Time: 4:30 - 9 am

Location: New Jersey Beachfront and Raritan Bayshore

Tide and Weather: For Beachfront: Dead High 5:32 am, Clear Sky and Warm, Air Temperature - While Fishing About 70, Day's High 90, Water Temperature 56-57, Wind SW, Small Surf Struggling To Break, Moon 85% Visible, Pressure 29.90 and Rising

Catch: The only fish I held was a shad. It ate a teaser I tied. I saw an osprey nab a bunker in the middle of the beach, but casting there didn't change my luck.

After a few hours on the beach, I drove up to the Raritan Bay. I was hoping to find bluefish. That wasn't happening either. The Bayshore was crowded with fishermen. Almost all were chunking bunker and I didn't see a fish caught. While walking the shoreline I noticed one forked tail sticking out of a bucket.

Right before leaving for home I spoke to a group of guys. They'd been fishing all night. Their hard work earned them one blue between 8 of them. It was far from hot and heavy.

The most positive takeaway for me today was my teaser rig. I've experimented with lots of different teaser rig configurations and I'm really happy with this one. Leave it to John Skinner to nail it. He explains the set up in the video below.

To me, the best thing about this rig is that you can quickly add or subtract the teaser. It doesn't require a dropper loop and you don't have to cut anything off or tie any knots. I love the efficiency.